What’s Wrong with Networking? An Ethicist’s Perspective


“Why Networking is Important,” Marlon Blake

My latest post is published on Medium.com. Choice quote:

A while back a more seasoned colleague gave me some networking advice. He recommended that when I am looking for someone to talk to at a networking event, I should not talk to people who are by themselves. Rather, I should seek out people who are already talking in groups of two or three and try to break into one of those groups. Why? Because the “loners” typically aren’t well-connected and generally won’t be useful business contacts. At the time, I remember thinking this was a twisted piece of advice, though I held my tongue.

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1 thought on “What’s Wrong with Networking? An Ethicist’s Perspective

  1. What I think about this is that firstly I agree and secondly that it just makes so much practical sense. My so called “success” in life on all fronts has been due to my curiosity and interest in people. It is so much easier to just be interested and listen than to have an agenda. Being a 50% lazy person it has served me and also those I interact with. This is clearly the path of Nature and should be supported.

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